-MEDIAPART- Commission

In collaboration with the journalist Alix HARDI

Mexico's Day of the Dead is a joyful and nostalgic festival, during which families gather to drink, eat and sing with the deceased who come to visit them on the night of November 1 and 2, has taken on a hue of resilience over the past fifteen years. In 2019 there are more than 35,000 intentional homicides and more than 70,000 missing persons.

Jacobo G. Isela R. and Mayra G. live in the Estado de Mexico. All three have lost a loved one: a son, a daughter, a sister. Sequestered for ransom, kidnapped to feed trafficking networks, murdered by a man: their stories are different, but they have all been victims of the violence that plagues Mexico. The three families are now fighting for justice. The Day of the Dead is one of the few spaces they have left to restore dignity to their missing loved one.

Shaped by the country's climate of violence, the Day of the Dead is bittersweet in Mexico. 

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