"Ser Acompañanta es Estar y es Ayudar" 

"Being a Acompañanta is being and helping".

In the context of the changing legislation on the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico, a new generation of women has taken on the task of accompanying their fellow women through the abortion process, totally free of charge and in a spirit of sisterhood, based on empathy, emotional support and care among women. They are called "Acompañantas". In the north of Mexico, a handful of these women are building a network of mutual support and providing follow-up during all stages of the abortion process. 

Women with different profiles: mothers, students, sisters, or even activists, all united by one and the same cause: to be able to choose over one's body. Like the green glitter found in feminist demonstrations, they sneak and shine only by acting in the shadows. 

The predominance of the church and conservative political groups has led to the development of a black market for Misoprostol (the drug used to perform an abortion), and abortions are performed clandestinely. Misinformation and guilt-tripping of young women who want to have an abortion often result in traumatic experiences for them. It is thus together and hand in hand that they will live this ordeal, where sharing and reciprocity makes no difference between the one who accompanies and the one who interrupts her pregnancy.

Thus, behind their lively and sparkling aspects, the strength of the claim that the "Marea Verde" has allowed Latin America to reflect on what the right to decide implies in terms of health and care. And by the glow of these feelings of love and compassion, they provide a safe space, legal advice, emotional support, but more than ever remind all girls that they are not alone. Today, more than ever, they are trying to expand transnationally, especially following the overturning of the abortion ruling in the United States.

By tracing the journey of several Acompañantas in strategic and border points, we understand the contextual differences that each of them has to face. From this comes the spark of the fight for abortion that these women try to bring to light every day in the public square. The militant interventions that we find in the street, has therefore inspired the plastic intervention of the images, coming here to irradiate their actions, as a way to pay tribute to them. Here glitters the green and shines the color of hope, that of a flourishing struggle, where everyone reaches out to each other. 

The young  Acompañantas of Coahuila

DEUTSCHE WELLE  "Cambia la Historia " Commission Grant 

In collaboration with the journalist Lizbeth Hernández

In the state of Coahuila in northern Mexico, a handful of young women shine, building a network of mutual aid and providing follow-up during all stages of the abortion process. They are called "Acompañantas. Through the voice of one of them, Blanca offers us to explore the essence of their work. Through the glow of these feelings of love and compassion, the tenderness of a hand stretched out to support the women among themselves shines through. 

This photographic project was produced by the independent Mexican newspaper Kaja Negra with the support of the Spanish Deutsche Welle "Cambia la historia". 
Mahé Elipe Photography and audiovisual editing | Lizbeth Hernández research and audio 

"Las Mujeres nos apoyamos en los momentos mas difíciles" 

"We women support each other in the most difficult moments." 

Tijuana’s Acompañantas and the fight for abortion rights along the US border 

Vogue U.S. Commission

In collaboration with the journalist Alicia Fàbregas

"Poner el nombre del aborto sobre las calles" 

"Put the name of abortion over the streets". 


Collaborative project

Photo collage made with several hands. 

From photo an assembly was made by several Mexican Acompañantas

Photobordage made by Colibri // Chiapas-Baja California



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