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Mahé Elipe was born in 1991 near Paris.
She completed higher education studies in Toulouse: firstly at the Université du Mirail (Licence in applied arts), then in 2012 at the EPTA school of Photography, where she perfected her visual arts skills.

Then, she decided to move to Paris so as to give her creativeness achance to blossom. Very soon, she was hired as an assistant in a recognised fashion photo studio and also was able to make her first social essays and documentaries.

Attracted by the fusion of social concerns, arts and communication, she uses photography as a way to try and determine where human beings find their place in the society.

Her goals as a photojournalist is to ask a lot about the place of the human in society in particular the plaque of women, taking advantage of the medium that photography is.

Mahé then builds his images by feeding on the culture of those he knows. It is during his travels, in Eastern Europe, or in the United States and Latin America, that he transcribes through the image, part of the history of the topics he encounters.

Mahé Elipe has been a member of the Hans Lucas studio since November 2016.

Now she works as a Freelance in Mexico, CDMX since 2 years and focuses most of his reports in Latin America.

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